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Low-cost thread glue connected with flange linear bearing can meet such requirements as light load, low frequency of use and no vibration. Which enable to help customers save unnecessary costs.

High-strength and high-temperature welding flange bearing is a highly stable process, which will not degrade performance with long storage time, and ensure that the flange connection will never deform or loosen, which can meet any use environment above the bearing rated load, even if there exists vibration, it will not deform or loosen, such as screw machinery.

Our aluminum slider adopts industrial aluminum profile with new 6061 T6 treated, and all processes are completed and monitored by the processing center. The datum plane flatness, bore tolerance, parallel difference, roundness and center height tolerance are all more strict than that in the national standard. To ensure that the accuracy of the bearing is not affected, the service life of the bearing, and the smooth operation of the customer installed machine.

The load is three times larger than LM bearing, and the service life is 27 times longer than that of conventional LM bearing. Engineering plastic outer ring with the design of split track perfectly solves the problem caused by bearing resonance noise. It is the best choice for medical equipment, fitness equipment, painting equipment and subway screen door. Considering the complexity and high cost of the manufacturing process, we hope that the user can choose the product if possible, which is our responsibility of the end user.

The outer sleeve of the bearing is formed by stamping, but our experienced engineers and technicians can make the precision load of this bearing better than that of LM bearing. Which enable to help customers save installation space and reduce machine weight. The series of products of our company have passed the strict life test of several global TOP 500 enterprises ten years ago. The largest overseas market is Germany. Please feel free to select them.

The product dimension tolerance is exactly the same as KH series, which belongs to compact linear bearing. As the latest developed compact linear bearing of SKF, it has a larger load than KH series. The only defect is that the manufacturing process is relatively complex and the product cost is relatively high.